Here at Jambhala Wealth, as Romantics, we believe that attracting all the good things into your life is completely under your control. It’s a matter of your choice.

We utilise spiritual wisdom from the great Masters and Bodhisattvas (Buddha in the making) accumulated over many centuries and combine it with a lifetime of spiritual training of Jambhala guides. We also suggest many tried and tested spiritual strategies to lead you to take control. These will dramatically change your mindset and your fortune.

The Universe is good. It is also a mirror for each of us. Therefore, if you are projecting negativity and scarcity, then the universe will give you more of the same. By the same token, if you project positivity and abundance, the universe will give you more. This is all ordained by the ancient Law of Attraction, and there is evidence that this is true.

Buddha, a supreme teacher and spiritual force, 2,500 years ago, said:

As lifelong Buddhist practitioners, we know this to be true. On Jambhala Wealth, we will show you exactly how to develop the right mindset. We also believe the Internet must be ethical, so our motivation to attract these states must be pure.

Deepak Chopra, MD and Ayur Vedic master

Appealing to the Law of Attraction requires two simple things of you.

So, shall we get started activating these states for you? This is not a fix, so please don’t expect transformations in your life to be instantaneous. To attain true happiness requires mindful practices leading to meditation. Deep gratitude also takes time to become a moment-to-moment habit. Patience is a great virtue when creating something meaningful, like an internet business.

Rest assured, everything you need is here at Jambhala Wealth. You also have everything you need right inside you, in your True Nature, which we will synchronise with.

You are probably asking where I shall start. Please start your journey to the summit of the mountain you are climbing by reading this post, which shows you exactly how you already have everything you need inside you. When you have finished and understood that – and if there are things you don’t understand in the article, please comment or ask questions here on this page – please read this Introduction to Jambhala, the emblem of this site.

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Finally, please examine some of the comments on the pages you read. This will put your mind at ease.