5 Mindful Practices for Beginners:

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Welcome to a series of mindful practices to get you started with your mindful practice. This is a surefire way to transform your mindset to attract great wealth, good health, good fortune and dazzling success.

If you start with the introduction and follow through with the other four stages, ensuring you complete each before moving on, you will attract all things good from the Universe and ensure that your mental health is balanced. In this busy Internet environment, losing sight of your needs is easy, but mindfulness will be your chief balancer.

This is a foundational course, so please take as long as you like raising yourself into a mindful state. I recommend spending at least one week on each stage and trying to incorporate your experience into your daily life. Making a solid foundation will benefit you greatly when the going gets tough and challenges escalate.

To show that you have mastered all five stages, please take a moment to like each one and comment if you can. This will help me to improve the series and make it even more accessible.

💡If you have found yourself on this page, it is no mistake. You were meant to encounter this potential breakthrough to reconnect with your inner diamond and develop supreme confidence in your abilities and path. This will activate your Ziji, your unique radiance and charisma, allowing you to have 100% trust in yourself and splendid self-confidence.

After completing this 5-part course, you will be living your life in a very different, balanced way. You will be living each moment fully, connecting you to the Universe, allowing you to transmit your incredible power and receive everything you think about.

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8 thoughts on “5 Mindful Practices for Beginners:”

  1. The emphasis on taking the time to immerse oneself in each stage is particularly valuable in our fast-paced world. Your recommendation to spend at least one week on each stage and incorporate the experience into daily life reflects a deep understanding of the gradual and transformative nature of mindfulness. This foundational approach ensures a solid base for individuals to navigate challenges with resilience and a balanced mental state. Well done .Thank you

    • Thank you so much, Ela. I’m glad you appreciate the different stages and the importance of getting the basics.

      Blessings for your balance in all that you undertake.

  2. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your article and would like to know more about it. I’m not sure if I have enough time to commit to the training. In your expert opinion what is the minimal amount of training I could do and get benefits?



    • Hi Bernard,
      Glad you enjoyed and are curious. For the mindful training, can you commit to 20 mins a day? Work through each stage spending about 1 week on it and be sure you experience that complete peace and bliss of 20 mins connecting with your heart, your true nature. I guarantee that you will want to spend more time once you get a taste of it. But it’s not a question of quantity but quality. You can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness in 2 mins and this will happen once you’ve laid the foundation.

      All the best. Let me know how it goes.
      Blessings and mindfulness to you.

  3. This article offers some insightful practices for beginners looking to explore mindfulness. I appreciate the practical tips provided, especially the emphasis on starting with short, daily sessions. It’s encouraging to see the recommendation of integrating mindfulness into routine activities. Could you suggest any specific apps or tools that might help track progress or offer guided sessions for those just starting out on their mindfulness journey?

    • Hi again Corey,

      Mindfulness can’t be measured with machines or apps, I’m afraid. The whole point is that you experience it fully and naturally and get away from technology and all things manmade.If you read my instructions carefully and refer to them just before your mindful period each day, then if you spend about a week on each stage, you will know your progress. 

      Blessings that your journey begins soon.


  4. Hi Linden, this article has really piqued my interest. I do remember previously reading an article here about ones Ziji. That was the first time I had heard of it but reading about it made a lot of sense. I look forward to making my way through this series, does it matter how long you take? Should I be aiming to go through it all in a certain time frame? I ask because of my time restrictions at the moment.

    Thank you for another enlightening article of opportunity Linden.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I recommend the 5-part mindfulness series. Take as long as you like. I usually recommend spending a week on each stage. But you must make time for it each day. 20 mins is all you need. Of course, take much longer if you wish. Choose a quiet time of day and maybe try to be mindful at that time each day. But if not, whenever you can. 

      Hopefully, you will enjoy this precious time for you-and-only-you so much that you want to go back to it. But don’t let it stress you. Naturally, gravitate to it. It will activate your Ziji, too.

      Blessings for your gradual arrival in full awareness and connecting with your True Nature


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